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Featured books
Billy Young and James Taylor have completed two of many finished works.
The first book, The Somewhat Extraordinary Child, was published July 2008 It was the October 2008 feature book for Success by Six - Peoria, IL. The SB6 program is designed to provide measurable results through reading and by providing books monthly for each of it's 3300 child clients. 
The second book - Hunter and the Bear was published July, 2010. It's a delightful tale of a man named Hunter, a bear, food choices, activity and the lack of it! .  Hunter goes back to the family cabin to reconnect with the fun and activity of his youth.  The wise owl reads H-U-N-T-E-R on his vanity plates and the drama begins.  Bear wants the "hunter" out of the forest!
We feel both books make a valuable contribution to any child and provide the parent with tools that may help to condition favorable behavior.
You may order the book on this web site under products or ask for it in Peoria, IL area stores: Borders, Peoria Public Library or I Know You Like a Book.
We truly value the opinion of our readers.  Please share your reading experience with us!
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